Why not book a visit and see for yourself what lovely outdoor areas we have.


We are absolutely thrilled with Joseph’s progress at Corner House. The staff in Tiny Tadpoles couldn’t be better; they are wonderful, they all know him really well and his relationships with them are lovely. I feel relaxed and safe sending him to Corner House and I think he is thriving with you, thank you”

– Rachel Watkins


We are very fortunate at Corner House to have four beautiful and exciting outdoor play areas, which all offer different experiences and opportunities for children. We have an Adventure playground, a Yard, a Garden and a Nature Garden so children can play and explore throughout the day.


The Adventure Playground… A natural area with mature trees and shrubs excellent for collecting conkers and leaves in the Autumn and very shady in the Summer. This area has fixed wooden equipment for climbing, sliding and balancing and is used all year round due to the all weather surface.


The Yard…Is a great place for pedalling a bike, riding a scooter, playing in the sand or painting a big picture. There is also a play house where you can pretend to cook or take care of a dolly.


The Nature Garden …Is a wonderful place to explore with lots of plants with different colours, textures and smells. There are mini beasts to be found here and you can feed the birds. You can fill a watering can at the water butt and help the plants to grow or just sit quietly on a log.


The Garden… Play in the pirate ship, bounce on the trampoline or play ball games on the lawn. In the Spring and Summer we grow vegetables and flowers.


Why not book a visit and see for yourself what lovely outdoor areas we have.