At meal times and snack times, children will be involved by helping to clean and set the tables. Sometimes they will be able to prepare some of the food, baking cakes and biscuits or making sandwiches etc.


The service is very welcoming and the staff are more than helpful
- Elizabeth Richmond


Being healthy is such an important part of a child's development. Corner House employs a full time cook who prepares healthy, well balanced meals every day. In our open plan kitchen and prep area, children can safely join in with the preparation of their food and learn where it comes from. 

We believe that eating patterns and habits learned in the early years form the basis of healthy living throughout a child’s later life. Meal times will be a relaxed social occasion when children and adults can enjoy sharing healthy food, making conversation and learning good manners.

Our menus are planned in advance and reflect cultural diversity and variation. The menus are displayed for children and parents to view. The food that we give to children is prepared fresh, daily, on the premises, by our cook. Individual dietary requirements will be respected. We will gather information from parents regarding your children’s dietary needs including any allergies.