Our guarantee to you is that they will be safe and happy in our care and they will cherish their early years with us forever.


We are very proud of and please with Hopes progress. The Stimulating environment at nursery and encouragement she receives from Kerry and all the other staff members really has contributed to her development.
Andrea and David Wilson

It is our philosophy that babies need 6 months to develop a strong immune system before mixing with a wider group of children and adults in group care. For this reason Corner House Nursery has taken the decision not to offer places to babies until they are 6 months old and able to fight off childhood infections more effectively.

Our youngest children need to feel at home in their new surroundings, therefore our staff work closely with parents to ensure that key workers understand each baby and follow their individual routines throughout the day. As routines change and new mile stones are approaching staff will work with parents to help and guide your child at each new stage of their development, from bottle feeds to solid food, crawling and walking, making sounds and talking and all aspects of growing up.

Heuristic Play is an important play and leaning tool for the youngest children, when they can handle new and unusual objects and natural materials. Babies have lots of opportunities to explore with all types of tactile activities like splashing in water, squeezing dough, spreading paint and sifting flour. Messy but nice!

Regular observations of the children are carried out by our staff so that they can plan activities and experiences which build on children’s interests, needs and skills