Starting school is a huge transition and the nursery will do all it can to facilitate a smooth move. We have a variety of methods that support this.


Staff always make time for you and are well trained and skilled.
- Vicki McAulay

Children will move into the pre school classes during the term in which they become grant funded. Usually they will move with a group of other children of the same age from Busy Bees classroom.

As children grow older, more emphasis is placed on working together as a group; co operating with others, sharing and planning activities.

Communicating and being with other children helps to build social relationships which provide opportunities for friendship, empathy and sharing emotions. The ability to communicate helps children to participate more fully in society.

Children’s mathematical development occurs as they seek patterns, make connections and recognise relationships through finding out about and working with numbers and counting, sorting and matching and with shape, space and measures. It is widely acknowledged that information and communication technology play an important role in our lives.  Through the regular use of the computer and special pre school soft wear, children will develop a range of technical skills. All these skills form a foundation for later achievement.

We recognise the importance of effective planning in the implementation of a broad based curriculum.  The Early Years Foundation Stage is a government framework offering practical guidance to people working with young children. We use this framework to assist us in our planning of activities, experiences and daily routines.  We plan according to the six areas of learning which are; Personal, Social and Emotional Development…Communication, Language and Literacy…Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy…Knowledge and Understanding of the World...Physical Development…Creative Development.